Marc Jacobs Fall Collection 2010.. yumm and socks and sandals love or hate??

I decided to have a look on the Marc Jacobs website today and I fell in love with the fall 2010 collection, it is gorgeous!

I think its quite ironic the amount of times it had been preached not to wear socks and sandals and yet it is one of the biggest fashion statements at the moment... here are some of my favourite looks...

Whats your view on the socks and sandals? Fashion statement or fashion diaster?


A few days in pictures: Wedding, Summer, Sketches and Kate Moss ....

Day 1- A bit of photography, if you can let me know if you have any favourites or opinions :)
Bribing my brother with sweets to sit in fields for a few hours hahaa.
Little red riding hood...

Day 2: Rachel Wood gets married :D

Rachel's amazing jewellrey and Mandy Elizabeths gorgeous dresses...


Bargain french look... kitsch accesories

I went to the Trafford Centre on Monday and I got a £20 new look voucher for my birthday so I decided to finally use them. I bought a stretchy, stripy top with corsage and butterfly sleeves. ( £16 ) I also bought a black bandage skirt (£14). I looked in the acessories section and saw this funky, kitsch red plastic rose bracelet (£5). Finally I bought some bow patterned tights (£1) and a pair of monochrome flowery tights that will appear in my next post. (£2). So basically instead of spending £39 I spent £19. In this outfit I am wearing my river island black brogues and my dorothy perkins swallow earrings.



Crazy make up, a messy plait and another casual summer look...

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, I went to Pixie Lott's concert to see my cousin perform as supporting singer/band and she was AMAZING! I got a ticket the V.I.P area where Pixie Lott was and Ellie Goulding was sitting near me by the concert :) I will put pictures of the concert up soon :)
Anyway... I bought this maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins for about £20-£25 , its 100% cotton so it is not too hot and heavy in summer.  I got my silver heart earrings in a set of 6 from Dorothy Perkins also for £6.50  I also bought this owl ring from Claires Accessories for £4 but currently everything is 30% off so I saved some money there. I honestly can't remember where the wedges are from but they have a platform on them which adds height and is very in fashion to. For my birthday I got a set of bangles from Dune and I got two flowery bracelets from accessorize for £8. I noticed that in terms of hair style plaits are still in but loose and messy so I did my take on it :)  

Okayy I was reaally bored so I decied I would mess around with makeup :) Everything I used was in the front cover rainbow palette which I bought from oots for £15 in a sale. Well apart  from mascara, very cheap liquid eyeliner (black) and I think 2 true glitter eyeliner. And for everyone who is wondering the bottom picture is meant to be faith-in-fashion, spread the word. Not the neatest way of applying eyeshadow but I did my way of putting every colour in the pallette on. HA. So I would be interested to see if anyone has any interesting phases of make up madness :) You can email them to me at xxalypalyxx@hotmail.co.uk (yes I though it was cool at the time.) and with permission from you some can appear on my blog :)


Marchesa and Arty fashion collage :)

Hello guys :) Today I looked at Marchesa's fall 2010 collection and Resort 2011 colllection and as expected it is gorgeous! Its inspired by a fusion of 1920's glamour and egyptian goddess and tribal look.  I have made a picture of all my faves to show to you, all I can say is "I WANT ONE". Sadly I don't even want to look at the price as I dont think my piggy bank could stretch that far...anyway I'm rambling so here we go...

Here is a collage of cuttings from magazines and old birthday cards I did, inspired by all the fashions of 2010. I made it for my room and I bought a basic black frame to make it more professional. I only used 2 magazines and about 5 birthday cards altogether so its a really cheap way to add something more personal into your room. You can do any theme but I chose fashion for this one and here it is...  


Charity bargain -Summer Special :')

Summer has started (FINALLY!) , yeahh boys ;). I went to town with some friends (in the rain ha.) and we did a bit of charity bargain hunting and I found this big floral print dress in cancer research originally from newlook for £2.75!! It is perfect for summer and really hot days (if we have any) and can also be dressed up with a belt . Today I found a Dorothy Perkins gift card in an old bag with £10 on so I just had to spend it ;) I decided to use it to accesorise the dress and I bought a pair of white detail hoop earrings (£5) and a cute black bow ring (£1!). I wore black gladiator sandals from a year ago from London Rebel (around £18), green flower corsage (not sure where from sorry) and  two bracelets sets from accesorize-monsoon (£12 each set). Oh and the funky three zip bag was a present from a friend last year from next thats all I know sorry :(. However it just shows how easy it is to make a great summer outfit by looking into charity shops happy bargain hunting guys ;D 

Shopping List...
charity shop dress (Cancer Research-New Look £2.75)
Black gladiators (London Rebel roughly £18)
Bracelets (Accesorize £12 per set)
Green flower corsage (unknown currently until I find the label ha.)
Hoop earrings (Dorothy Perkins £5)
Bow Ring (Dorothy Perkins £1) 
Zip Bag- (Next price unknown)

Also BIG news my cousin has got me tickets to see Pixie Lott at the itunes festival on tuesaday where she is supporting her in concert agagag excited much :D!! Please check her out on myspace which is http://www.myspace.com/rachelfurner for some songs and concert dates. She has recently peformed at v festival, glastonbury so watch this space ;))

Also I went to my final fitting for my friend Rachel Wood's wedding- soo exciting, pictures of the big day will be up on here no worries ;). All the dresses are gorgeous all made by Mandy Elizabeth http://www.mandyelizabeth.co.uk/ and all the jewellery is made by Rachel herself. It is all really nice and at a good price to so check her out at http://rachelwooddesigns.co.uk/enter.htm :) 


Casual summer looks and how to make a scarf bag :)

Hi again :) I had an idea for an new look today off combining a denim shirt (Oasis) with a high-waisted skirt (H&M £10), I added my new aviator sunglasses (Dorothy Perkins-£10), scarf came with a pair of trousers from next and loads of white beaded and pearl bracelets from Primark plus heeled brogues (Delia Metcalfe £60)!

This week I ran out of bags to go with my outfits and I didn’t have any time to buy a new one so I did the scarf bag trick. It’s a really casual, easy and fun look and everyone wanted to know how to do it soo… as requested I have created a quick video on how to make it :)
How to make a Scarf Bag in a Few Minutes


Cameo , Corsages and Cool music vids...

Hey agaiin, sorry I haven’t blogged for a while but I have been in the school show in Billy Elliot so its all good stuff :). It’s all about vintage at the mo and I am in LOVE with the cameo necklaces and I got one of my nana natch. Mine is a locket and it’s quite big but its dead cute too. I am really into accessories at the mo and I found a red and gold vintage necklace in an old jewellery box so I was really pleased ooh and I got a green corsage from Dorothy Perkins for £2 in the SALE!! As I visit charity and vintage shops often here are some top tips in finding some really good buys and how to accessorize an outfit. Ok here we go…

1. Always start with a plain canvas as some would say for example with my outfit I chose a white puffed sleeve top (Select-£5) and a pair of skinny jeans (new look £15).

2. Next find a pair of fancy shoes or statement bag or even hat to brighten up the outfit. I chose a pair of boot heels in tan coloured suede (Dorothy Perkins- £60).

3. Go into charity shops such as cancer research, heart foundation, Oxfam etc. and have a look forany statement jewellery or any stuff that is personal to you to go with your bag/hat/shoes. Charity shops are great as its unlikely anyone will have the same item as you.

4. Feel good about your buy as it is for charity after all ;)

Okaayy anyway, to recap… IN THIS OUTFIT I AM WEARING…

White puffed sleeve top-Select £5

Skinny blue jeans - New look- £15

Stripy Cardigan- M & Co £8

Shoes- Dorothy Perkins £60

Corsage- Dorothy Perkins £2 in sale

Both necklaces from my nana ;)

I absoloutley adore the new single from Eliza Doolittle ft Lloyd Wade. I love her ourtfits in this video they are seriously gorgeous especially the grey playsuit and heels with pink ankle socks. She is always spot on trend and is one of my fashion icons. Please buy this single on i-tunes as its such a care free summer tune :) Please buy the single off itunes and support this new artist :) Look at it on youtube please...:D


Party time...

On saturday I went to my cousin's 18th party and it was amazing!!! I am in love with a dress I bought from jane norman, it comes with the tan coloured belt and I accesorised with gold gladiators (dorothy perkins about £28) and green hairband (one of ten multi-coloured hairband set for £1)! I wore a aqua coloured gem ring and my current favourite beaded flower bracelet (see previous posts for more about it)

At the moment I’m in love with brogues (the marmite shoes) I think they add a vintage, summery look to an outfit plus they are really comfy. A good excuse to wear instead of heels and save your feet the pain. I wanted a pair for school and I got a gorgeous pair in black from river island for around £20. Here some celebs been spotted this summer including Emma Watson sporting funky, pink and black brogues! Fearne Cotton and Alexa Chung are also other fans of the marmite shoes and I have to say they do look good!