Cadburys Nail Varnish - Hot or Not?

 The new limited edition Dairy Milk Cocoa/Vanilla Bliss nail varnish is in the shops now. I thought I'd never see the day when a chocolate brand mixes with cosmetics but here we are. They are priced at £11 each but i have done research and it is possible to get of Nails Inc. for £9.90.

Is this a rip off to sell more nail varnish or is it really something special? I try and think £11 I could buy a new top from new look for this price but its cadburys right?! It would be like painting your nails with chocolate and as a chocoholic this REALLY appeals to me. The shades are gorgeous in a dark brown or creamy tan so they are the perfect shades to pair with your autumn wardrobe.

I have been searching online for reviews but there aren't so many currently as it is so new on the market. I have tried them and they give a good strong glossy finish. the colours are bold but blend in with nudes, tans and camel. I ahve also tried the "Bliss" chocolate bar and that is also very yummy!

COMPETITION: There is a competition running for three weeks where very day 10,000 of these nail varnishes will be given away, simply buy a bliss bar text the number on the back and you may win something. Even if you don't win its a good excuse to eat chocolate! ;)

So... cadburys nail inc varnish, HOTor NOT?
Aly x


Looking Fab in your forties said...

Gutted, I bought a Bliss bar yesterday but threw the wrapper away! I think the colours are great but I don't find Nails inc the easiest to apply. I always get the new chanel colours out and at 16.50 each, means nails inc is a good price.

Kate said...

mmmm ive just been out on a motivational chocolate run ( i have many an essay to write!) it would have been much more stylish of me to forgo the calories and get those lovely nail varnishes!
if your following me then of course i will follow you :)