My Dream Christmas List...

What do you want for Christmas this year? Heres my list...hope you like...
A tartan coat like this one from Lulu's

A military cape like this one from asos
A fur snood like this one from Asos. (And I am obsessed with cardigan/jumper the models wearing but I can't find it anywhere in asos, if anyone has a link you will be my bestfriend forever! ;)

Some camel cord shorts like these ones from boohoo.com

A baggy military shirt like this khaki one from boohoo.com

A second hand bernina sewing machine? PLEASE! :)
Some Henry Holland tights, the wackier the better!

Twilight on audiobook ;)
And loads of chocolate

Marc Jacob's Watch (I won't get this but i can dream can't i? ;)


MARCHESA.. I love you.

yet another post on the gorgeous Marchesa.. I actually worship them! Tere designs are so edgy and stylish but something that women would wear. That is what makes me surprised that it isn't as popular but his is an inspiration collage for their SS11 collection. Hope you like...


Willow Smith- Fashion Icon?

I have to admit that Willow Smith has guts and an AMAZING voice at that. She has every girls dream to be a popstar and again I have to admit the song "whip my hair" is majorly catchy. I'm glad that the song is fun and edgy without the lyrics being too mature as the reason people don't like Justin Bieber was because he sang about love at 15?

 Willow doesnt need her Dad to give her fame, her wacky but very cool sense of style and mature voice will get her there. Do you like her style or is it a bit too far fetched? Remember she is only nine and her face is all over the press. I'm worried whether she'll be able to stand all the press remarks- look what happened to Justin Bieber.I just hope that her family will keep her grounded and her singing career will continue to excel. Oh and I WANT her hair. Hope you like ;)...


Strawberry nails and fireworks...

Hiya! I've been pretty busy lately with plenty of dance and homework to keep my occupied. I forgot to put some of my fireworks photos up-its a bit late now but I put it in anyway. I also tried out a tutorial of poshnail on youtube. It suits both short and long nails and is reasonably simple to do. Hope you like...
I did the nails by doing a coat of Rimmel diva red nail varnish in lyrcra (I think), the green nail varnish was from an old makeup set and I used this mustard yellow in the "I love" collection. For the spots I used the ened of a bobby pin and for smaller dots (which I think would look better) you use the top of a pin).


Inspiration Post: Fairies, Cosmic Dust and Magical Places...

Here is just a quick inspiration post on how Im feeling and I added a cosmic and fantasy twist as it seem sto be appearing in as a print in lots of clothes at the moment. I don't know why these pictures inspire me but I have loved fantasy and magic since I was little. I WANTED to be a fairy ;) (Still do). I am trying to do a quickish post and I used pictures that I found before I blogged so I don't know where they are from but I do not own these pictures no matter how much I want to. If the pictures need to be removed or if you want your name here please let me know! Hope you like... ;)

Aly xx


The colours of fall...

I have been soo busy lately with homework had things so Im sorry my posting isn't exactly "regular" at the moment. I felt like I hadn't done a decent outfit post in a while do here is a floral dress from quiz I bought with a new look blazer and with my  new henry holland boots " :D biggest grin ever". My Henry Holland boots are soo comfy and they are a mixture between brogues and military boots and Im also going to be using them as my school hoes aswell becuse they are more expensive so i want to wear them as much as possible. I went to the Fire Work display in Congleton yesterday and it was amazing so I have some pictures of that (which aren't amazing as I only have a digital camera but hey) for the next post along with a hair products review.
 Hope you like ...

Floral Dress-Quiz
Brogue Ankle Boots-Henry Holland (Debenhams)
Purple Tights- Dorothy Perkins
Black waist belt- Primark


Vintage Brooch

Earrings-Dorothy Perkins


I want your opinion... fashion blogger stereotype.

These comments were posted anon on http://www.delightfully-tacky.com/ and I consider them quite hurtful for Elizabeth (who owns the blog).

"I apologize if I don't consider being published in a book about something as superficial as clothing being positive in anyone's life. Show me how a one hundred dollar dress saved someone's life, kept them from losing their home, or kept an animal from being abused, and I'll rescind my comment. Otherwise, my point remains strong."

"You're stupid if you think blogs like yours are making a difference in the world in any important way. Why not try helping people or animals that need help, instead of running around taking pictures of your newest little skirt and talking about how great it is because you have to pretend to love it since your sponsor sent it to you. Idiot."

 I think us bloggers need to stick together and change this stereotype as there is much more to blogging than showing what we have bought.A blog to me is about expressing yourself, showing your view and style. It is not about "look at how much money I have" like anon seems to think, its about showing creativity and that is a skill. Anyone can get matching clothes to a mannequin and call it fashion but a blog is our interest and our creativity. It is completetely irrelevant judging that because someone has a blog that they have no other interests. Music is on the radio, art is in galleries and fashion can be in blogs. Its about showing a talent and love for it not showing off.

I applaud the people that choose to help others but its unfair to say that fashion bloggers don't care. It is a stereotype and a very bad one at that. Please share your thoughts on this. Keep on blogging!

Aly xxx