I want your opinion... fashion blogger stereotype.

These comments were posted anon on http://www.delightfully-tacky.com/ and I consider them quite hurtful for Elizabeth (who owns the blog).

"I apologize if I don't consider being published in a book about something as superficial as clothing being positive in anyone's life. Show me how a one hundred dollar dress saved someone's life, kept them from losing their home, or kept an animal from being abused, and I'll rescind my comment. Otherwise, my point remains strong."

"You're stupid if you think blogs like yours are making a difference in the world in any important way. Why not try helping people or animals that need help, instead of running around taking pictures of your newest little skirt and talking about how great it is because you have to pretend to love it since your sponsor sent it to you. Idiot."

 I think us bloggers need to stick together and change this stereotype as there is much more to blogging than showing what we have bought.A blog to me is about expressing yourself, showing your view and style. It is not about "look at how much money I have" like anon seems to think, its about showing creativity and that is a skill. Anyone can get matching clothes to a mannequin and call it fashion but a blog is our interest and our creativity. It is completetely irrelevant judging that because someone has a blog that they have no other interests. Music is on the radio, art is in galleries and fashion can be in blogs. Its about showing a talent and love for it not showing off.

I applaud the people that choose to help others but its unfair to say that fashion bloggers don't care. It is a stereotype and a very bad one at that. Please share your thoughts on this. Keep on blogging!

Aly xxx


Becca. said...

some people are very annoying!
i've had all sorts of shit about mine, it's only normal.
carry on doing what you love aly!


Aly said...

Thanks Becca :) xx

Jess said...

hey aly its jess p!!
Love the blog! Can you follow mine? You inspired me to make one!!! LOL!! Please tell me what you think!!
:) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Aly said...

I will definitley follow Jess it is looking really good ! :)

BeautyBlogger said...

Hey, I was wondering if you could follow my blog, it is all about fashion, makeup, and nails. I followed your blog and I love it!!! It's amazing!! Thank you! ;D

Aly said...

Of course! Your blog is looking great by the way. Thanks for following :) xxxx