Back to Basics

 Hello bloggers, I decided to uploading what outfit I've been wearing recently, I don't usually go for the more simple styled outfits but I like this look as I feel cosy and stylish. Are you going to try going back to basics? Hope you like...

Top and Waist Skirt-New Look,
Denim Jacket-Primark,
Ribbed Tights and Snood- Dorothy Perkins,

These are a new pair of earrings I bought from Dorothy perkins, they are gorgeous!


Zahra said...

I absolutely LOVE the shoes!!!!!!
Back to basics is definitely the way to go :)
I swear my jumpsuit is cosier than my PJ's =P
The best feeling is when you feel really stylish but comfy at the same time. I'm really glad that you're updating your blog regularly as well. I finally have my alykins back WOOOOOOP!!!
Keep it up babes :)
professor zazzykins

HorseMadElly :) said...

nice post babes :) btw lovin the new header you look stunnin xxx

Aly said...

Thanks Elly :D Yes Im doing my bestest Zaz:D xx

Karin said...

I stumbled across your blog and it is very tres chic you have amazing hair and fabulous style xxx

Aly said...

Thank you!:) xx