Spring Poppy Skirt

I am very pleased to say I have done an outfit post despite how little time I have and the best thing is I saved myself some money yet I ahve a new item in my wardrobe. Anyway I'm rambling so I'll cut to the chase, when I was about 11 I had a favourite dress with poppies on and I tried it on again the other day and it didn't quite fit me but I was in clothes desperation so I made some adjustments and it is now a highwaisted skirt which I love! I tried to update it with my suede schuh wedges, a pearl bracelet, thrifted headscarf and a bit of lipstick. Here's the result hope you like!..

You could add a blazer like my one from NewLook to make it less formal..


HorseMadElly :) said...

niice skirt <3 love love love anything floral xxxxxx

Zahra said...

oooooohhhh very creative my lovely!!!!!!! aaaaahhhhhh school tommorrow!!! back to the world where fashion is locked up and put away untill 3 O'clock :'( hehehe But with your fashion sense babes you'll make the taylornators tartan skirts look amazing ;) I really like your hair throughout and where did you get the lipstick from babes???? That is officially on my shopping list!!!!!
professor zazzykins

Aly said...

The lipstick is rimmel in diva red and I used clinique lipgloss on top in crystal :) Thanks Zahra and Elly I also have a floral obsession:) xx

Anonymous said...

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