Meadham Kirchhoff

I'm back after a busy week and I am welcomed by a science test on monday, oh the joys! Instead of revising however I decided to look into and blog on the love it or hate it Meadham Kirchhoff SS11 Collection. I have to say that I really love it as they've made something really new that shouldn't work but it does. My favourite has to be the red dress with the black bows simply for the shape and structure of it making the model look even more gorgeous. Some people are saying it's just bad taste which is their opinion but I see it as something that people get used to. Lady Gaga for example shocked everyone (she still does) with her music and people said she went to far with it but now you appreciate that her work isn't weirdness you just have to understand it to see how good it really is. I think and hope that's what will happen with Meadham Kirchhoff as I believe they really have talent.
...I told myself I wouldn't ramble on this post and keep it short and snappy... but that never really works so there you go. Hope you like...
Aly xx

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Zahra said...

Hellooo gorgeous :D
I'm in love with the 3rd pic up!!!
How's revision for your mock exams going???
I have a new post up,stop by if you have time :P
Prof Z

purnay said...

whoa, those outfits are really awesome! love ur blog btw. am Following