These are a few of my favourite things...

Sorry about the corny title, but sometimes these things just have to be said. I have 2 things which  I am excited about and in love with..

1. The Katie Perry Music Video for "E.T".. how amazing is the makeup and hair in this? Lady Gag has serious competition; pictures were posted online of Katy Perry wearinbg the makeup before the video release and I was so excited when it came out.

2. The Twist&Bend hairbands available to buy online are so cute! I found out about them about a year ago but I favourited them and forgot to go back to it. I refound them today and they have even nicer hairbands since I last saw and as they are wired-lots of cute headband styles are available. I will be buying two of these hopefully and I'll post up pictures when they arrive :)

Aly xx

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HorseMadElly :) said...

love e.t!! amazing song and great video xx