For all those who need inspiration..

My camera has broken, passed away, kicked the bucket, is pushing daisies, breathing its last breath or basically it is "kaput". That is the joy of dropping your camera on its lense... HOWEVER I am very excited as with the money Ive saved and my birthday coming up I will be getting a canon dslr... I already have photo ideas planned and my name for my new baby (yes I name my cameras hahaa) but you will have to wait and see. Until then my outfit posts are limited as my phone is still living with the dinosaurs with its "so useful" 1.4 megapixel camera. so instead I thought I would search the interent for cool, inspiring pictures that make you want to get your unbroken cameras so here we go :) Hope you like...

All I can say is wow. Whoever thought of this idea is an utter genius..

Because clocks have always interested me, in a weird and nerdy way..

This is so summery, yep and is now my desktop background

One of my favourite songs, check out the Alex Goot cover as it is amaazing

I want a trilby :')

Because I like owls, and in a strange way it reminds me of how my grandad draws...obviously without the whole love heart thing, because that would be a bit strange

I love how his must have been quite a big photo to take to get all those people, with the coloured lights to get there letters perfect..

So true... also the fairylights in it are kinda cute

words can not described the cuteness of this picture..

These shoes are so so pretty, I wouldn't be able to walk in them but I could just stand and feel amazing..

Another one to make you go "awww"

I've had this picture for a while and I will visit this place, no idea where it is but I shall visit it...
So true.. Stephanie Meyer-what were you thinking?!
Another one where I envy at someones amazing idea for a photo

Memories of Autumn...


Zahra said...

Helloo!!! I think the new header is amazing :D I know this is gonna sound really odd but that post is really refreshing :) How's revision going my lovely??? Hope ur having a good half term. oooooooohh can't wait till the b-day, I'm soo excited!! I have some funny surprises up my sleeve :D xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Where are the shoes from!!!? I need them in my life :) Katy-jayne@hotmail.co.uk

Anonymous said...

hi could you tell me where the shoes are from?


Anonymous said...

the shoes! i am in love. where can i get them?? i've looked everywhere and i cant find them