Lindsey Wixson

A quick post today.. all I can say is I have a new obsession with American model Lindsey Wixson. She has caused a storm in the fashion world modelling Miu Miu and Jill Stuart to name a few. I love her look, its so different, recognisable and stunning to be honest. her lips are actually incredible, every lipstick looks great on her I am so truly jealous. Much envy.. hope you like...


Perverse Beauty said...

Her face is absolutely stunning, one of my new favorites. She was beyond perfect in those Miu Miu ads.

xx - Lera

Zahra said...

WOW, Her lips are INCREDIBLE!!!
The gaped teeth remind me of lara stone and the ads that she did, she's one of my fave models along with hattie sewell who went our school and was in my sis's year :D
Prof zaz