The Day My Canon Arrived..

I wish I could have done a post sooner since my birthday but I've been busy, and I still am  revising for my chemistry and physics tests next week:( I currently don't get any of it so fingers crossed I magically get amazing marks in a few days. For my birthday I got a canon 40D and wide angle zoom lense along with my savings and it is amazing:D Just thought I'd share my birthday snaps with you and then after all my horrible exams I can do some proper outfit posts. Hope you like...


Carrie said...

yay! that is so awesome. these are great pictures by the way. great job!


miya said...

you have an awesome blog and i love your style :D
and your canon looks awesome, i´ve been drooling over a couple of cameras lately, just can´t decide :D


Carlota said...

You look beautiful! Seems like you've got a lot of great presents! :) Especially your camera, the pictures are beautiful.
Btw you have such a lovely room!
A late happy birthday and good luck with your exams!

Jewellery Bijou said...

Beautiful blog hun!should we follow each other?

Aly said...

Thanks you guys, I did have a lovely birthday aswell! Miya it really is a great camera, quite advanced for what I'd need currently but I know I won't be buying a new one fo a long time:) xx

Stacey said...

aly theese photos are amazing you look soo beaut in them and im in love with the dinosaur in the bikini. lol

Jana and Vanessa said...

Canon is just great! In love with mine, too.
All the best
Midnight Couture Girls

Zahra said...

Great photography skills bbs!!!
Shirley's poses just made my day :D
I LOVE the MJ style pic and the scarf one of the trampoline!!
Keep the great posts coming
Prof Z