I'll raise from the ground and I'll darken the clouds. Just watch me fall down, on your heart.

Long time no blog guys, I've been busy with revision and I've had other personal stuff going down also but all is better/good/whatever so hopefully the posts will be more frequent again! A selection of photos and various things about what I've been up to and I'm getting quite excited as I'm almost at 200 followers, sorry to all who've followed as my google account has messed up and isn't letting me follow back at the moment. I'll do my best to sort it and as soon as it is I promise to follow all your lovely blogs back. Okay here we go, hope you like...


Blouse-Dorothy Perkins Skirt- Thrifted

New obsession, Aneurin Barnard- was in Spring Awakening, was in a docu/drama on the BBC about David Bailey plus he isn't bad looking either ;)

Possible new header?

Realised that I looked a lot like Where's Wally with my bobble hat
Just photos of me and my bestest Elly- haven't just shared photos like this in a while but a lot of you commented or emailed saying you wanted to get to know me better so there you go!

Lips look enormous but I like my hair here

Another photoshop thing but hey I'm an avatar

Just messing around in photoshop and with shutterspeeds


Tickle me pink, I'm rosy as a flushed red apple skin.

My new model favourite (after Lindsey Wixson) has to be Charlotte Free, with her on trend pink locks and endless attitude she's been turning quite a few heads so far in 2012. She has been predicted for big things for this year on vogue.com and despite being a smaller 5"7 she's been appearing on runways like Charlotte Ronson . Front cover of Wonderland and editorials in Elle, American Vogue and British Vogue; seems the fashion industry is finally opening up to more interesting models and with the blessing from Vivienne Westwood the future is looking pink.

ELLE: What snack do you like to have between shows?
CF: I like lemons. I’m really obsessed with lemons. That’s my favorite food.

ELLE: I like your pink hair. What was your inspiration?
CF: I was unhappy with with my life. I dyed my hair pink and I didn’t care about anything anymore.