Tickle me pink, I'm rosy as a flushed red apple skin.

My new model favourite (after Lindsey Wixson) has to be Charlotte Free, with her on trend pink locks and endless attitude she's been turning quite a few heads so far in 2012. She has been predicted for big things for this year on vogue.com and despite being a smaller 5"7 she's been appearing on runways like Charlotte Ronson . Front cover of Wonderland and editorials in Elle, American Vogue and British Vogue; seems the fashion industry is finally opening up to more interesting models and with the blessing from Vivienne Westwood the future is looking pink.

ELLE: What snack do you like to have between shows?
CF: I like lemons. I’m really obsessed with lemons. That’s my favorite food.

ELLE: I like your pink hair. What was your inspiration?
CF: I was unhappy with with my life. I dyed my hair pink and I didn’t care about anything anymore.


Georgie Pie said...

this girl is actually amazing.
Her hair and face and everything!!!

Zahra said...

Great post!
She's beautiful :D

Prof Z

Christina F said...

EMO PINK - I LOVE IT :) Wish I could rock that look.


HorseMadElly :) said...

love the pic with her hair pink and purple :D beautiful <3 <3 xxxxx

Sheela said...

love the style of the hair..

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